There are different opinions, some say that it is useful as the enhanced blood Buy anabolic steroids flow brings a lot of nutrients to the muscles, others argue that it is dangerous to the point of muscle and if it is still possible to add a burden of injury of skin or muscle tear. But the correct answer is no, as both evidence of this. Professional Greg Titus claims that when training with more repetitions (faster), takes a maximum of 40 45 minutes on his training, he attains Pumping and good muscle growth. He trains so that the last repetition he did with difficulty and felt as much pain in the muscle . He argues that aerobic Buy anabolic steroids exercise stimulates the production of growth hormone and other anabolic hormones . Pumping can achieve and with more weight, but need longer time to train. I honestly do not probyval this technique, it is sometimes necessary to experiment helps you something that does not fit the other. Muscles get used to the rhythm of one exercise, if dramatically change the system can both receive and growth. It is clear that with such training rest between sets will be shorter than when working with a large weight. You need to do intensive training, that was the effect. Doctors claim that with effect Pumping muscle increases in volume by 20% they even have scientific evidence, we conducted an experiment. When you do a lot of reps, muscle pain occurs due to the lactic acid that is produced. Lactic acid - is spent glycogen (muscle fuel), in other words - waste or slag as you wish to understand. There is one theory, it is not yet proved, been Buy anabolic steroids speculated that lactic acid contributes to the production of testosterone and other hormones that take part in the growth of muscle.

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